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Station Name Months Country Earliest Most Recent
AWASH105EthiopiaMay 1952Dec 1974
AWASSA276EthiopiaAug 1972Nov 2009
AWG-162NetherlandsNov 2007Oct 2013
AWS: ALLISON (8900)12AntarcticaFeb 1986Jul 1987
AWS: ARRIVAL HEIGHTS (8909)11AntarcticaFeb 1984Dec 1984
AWS: ASGARD (8908) DRY V34AntarcticaFeb 1980Dec 1982
AWS: BUCKLE IS. (8928)10AntarcticaFeb 1987Nov 1987
AWS: BUTLER (8902)15AntarcticaMar 1986Jul 1987
AWS: CLEAN AIR (8918)19AntarcticaFeb 1986Dec 1987
AWS: D-10 (8901 1-9); (8912)64AntarcticaMar 1982Dec 1987
AWS: D-47 (8914)27AntarcticaJan 1985Dec 1987
AWS: D-57 (8916)21AntarcticaJan 1985Sep 1987
AWS: D-80 (8900)24AntarcticaJan 1985Dec 1987
AWS: DOLLEMAN IS (8917)23AntarcticaFeb 1986Dec 1987
AWS: DOME C (8904)35AntarcticaJul 1980Dec 1987
AWS: FERREL (8907)71[Missing]Feb 1981Dec 1987
AWS: JIMMY (8927)11AntarcticaFeb 1987Dec 1987
AWS: LARSEN ICE (8912)23[Missing]Oct 1985Nov 1987
AWS: LAURIE (8908)11[Missing]Feb 1984Dec 1985
AWS: LETTAU (8908)23[Missing]Feb 1986Dec 1987
AWS: MANNING (8905)59AntarcticaFeb 1981Dec 1985
AWS: MARBLE POINT (8906)92AntarcticaFeb 1980Dec 1987
AWS: MARILYN (8915)9[Missing]Jan 1987Dec 1987
AWS: MARTHA I (8923)7[Missing]Jan 1986Dec 1987
AWS: MARTHA II (8915)10[Missing]Feb 1987Dec 1987
AWS: MEELY (8915)39[Missing]Feb 1981Dec 1985
AWS: PATRICK (8905)17AntarcticaFeb 1986Jun 1987
AWS: ROSS ICE SHELF (8923)11[Missing]Feb 1984Dec 1984
AWS: SIPLE (8909)32AntarcticaJan 1982Oct 1984
AWS: TIFFANY (8908)21[Missing]Feb 1984Dec 1985
AWS: URANUS GL (8920)158AntarcticaMar 1986Jul 2004
AWS: WHITLOCK (8913) FRANKLIN240AntarcticaJan 1982Jul 2013
AWS: WINDLESS BIGHT (8918)24[Missing]Jan 1984Dec 1985