National Average Particulate Air Pollution (PM2.5)

Notice: On April 20th, 2018, a bug was discovered in the real-time data processing system that caused some measurements from mainland China to be incorrectly handled. In many cases, PM2.5 values within China in the real-time system were reported as higher than actually observerd. This bug has now been corrected. The historical values for China have been reprocessed to remove the effects of this error. We regret this error and any problems it may have caused.

All numbers are PM2.5 concentration in μg/m3. Averages based on regionally interpolated real-time monitoring station data. Local cities may have more or less pollution than the national average. Only countries with sufficient data are shown. May include data from monitoring sites both inside the country and from neighboring countries. Real-time data may contain errors and is subject to revision. Some countries have incomplete spatial or temporal coverage. Colors based on United States EPA Health Guidelines.